Babywearing Buddy Program

Babywearing is a lot about helping and supporting fellow parents in finding what works for them. The options might overwhelm new parents on a look out for a perfect carrier or misinformationmight lead to them buying a non-ergonomic and unsafe Baby Carrier. A little encouragement and guidance from a babywearing parent can take you a long way.

Babywearing Stuff is proud to offer Babywearing Buddy program to all the parents who are trying to understand what is Babywearing; how it can benefit them; trying different baby carriers or getting some help troubleshooting the carrier they own.

Our buddies are passionate and experienced babywearing moms who have come forward to participate in this program and help new parents in finding a carrier that fit their needs.

Please note this is a complete voluntary program. Our team will try it’s best to help the parents reaching out to us, but they are only fellow moms with a reasonable babywearing experience with their own babies, please keep in mind that they are not professionals in the field and have their  own limitations.

How it works?

1. Fill the form with all the required details.

2. Your area Buddy will get your information and give consent & availability.

3. You will receive Buddy’s contact details

4. You and Buddy mutually decide a date and time to meet

5. Meet and Learn

6. Give feedback to us at

Meet Your Buddy

Akshaya | Hyderabad

"Parenting solo on most days since my husband works a 12-15 hour shift, babywearing is the one thing that I know I can depend on."

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Shalu | Gurgaon

"I was finally able to go out along with the babies without my hands and back getting numb... Without having to pull a twin stroller I easily tandem carry my girls and go for walk."

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Shefali | Gurgaon

"Babywearing has been a blessing. It has kept me and my family sane. It is a passion now and I want to spread the babywearing love all over as much as possible."

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Uma | Bangalore

"Babywearing is not just a way of carrying our son but a way of life for us. It gives us the ease to go about life even with the little one around."

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Yaman | Thane, Mumbai

"It has been a boon for me to keep multitasking with chores, keep my walking routine intact and a total blessing for the nights when LittleMissRu is cranky and just wont sleep!"

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Sebanti | Kolkata

"I started babywearing since mid- 2014 when my son was 18 months old. I love babywearing because I cannot think of life without it."

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Manisha | Faridabad

" Babywearing has helped us a lot to manage our kids at home and outside, it’s now a part of our life. We really love babywearing it has also helped to bond with our babies while keeping them close and snug."

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Smriti | Delhi

"Our journey started in April 2014, when Smayan was 2.5 months old. Babywearing came as a boon, since he only wanted to be carried, ALL the time"

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Mayura | Pune

"In the initial days, there is nothing better for the sleep deprived mommy than to babywear her tiny squish, who loves to snuggle up as well. It has helped in sleeping better and colic as well."

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Prachi | Bangalore

"As I look back on how things spanned out since I delivered my darling twins, the only regret I have is not knowing about ergonomic and safe babywearing early on! At this stage, babywearing has become a passion for me and not just a necessity. "

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