What do you exactly sell?

Babywearing Stuff offers ergonomically designed carriers used to carry babies from new-born stage to toddlerhood. See more about Babywearing here.

What are different types of carriers?

See here.

How to choose?

We understand that different parents have different likings, requirements and budget. Please have a look at our comparison chart  to choose from various baby carriers.

I already have a baby carrier.

Thats great, you are into Babywearing. But in case if you have a narrow based carrier something like in the first picture here, we are afraid this is not a very good carrier for both you and the baby, read here why? You might have also faced some back issues and must have observed baby is not very comfortable in it. That said if you would still like to use it, please try this scarf hack. You will understand what we mean by ergonomics and what difference it makes to the baby and wearer both.

If you wish to try before buying.

You might want to experience the beautiful babywearing bond before investing. You can definitely do that with any sturdy 100% cotton saree/fabric available at your home. Here is a video for reference. This is the one of the most common form of wrapping. Please ensure the fabric doesn’t have any tear or weak points. If using a saree fold it in half.

Safety while Babywearing.

When you buy a new carrier it’s always good to practise wearing it first with a big teddy/doll. Always follow all the instructions from the makers, watch videos for help. Most of the carriers have a learning curve and it’s recommended to be sure before you put baby in. Also make sure you always hold the baby by one hand while wearing him in any carrier. And never forget the ticks of babywearing.