• Drool/Sucking Pads

    Drool pads are great to way to save your loved carriers from extra washings. You can attach them to the shoulder straps of yoru SSC and let the baby happily chew on them. They are easlily detachable and washable. Also helps a teething baby. 

  • Nursing Wear / Necklaces

    Nursing or Teething necklaces are basically wooden or silicone neck pieces, which not only look beautiful but is baby safe if chewed upon. They are easily washable, helps a teething baby. 

    Nursing Scarves are a great asset for a breastfeeding moms. It helps new moms to discreetly nurse the baby when on the go. 

  • Water Slings

    They are mesh slings used occasionaly when in water, or while taking a shower. They usually do not serve the purpose of your primary sling. 

  • Carrier Bags

    Carrier bags are stuff sacks, POD bags, or a regular bag that can carry any type of carrier. So that they are easy to carry around when you are not using it and are clean for a longer period.

  • Rings for Slings

    There rings are made specifically for use in baby carriers. We designed them to be lightweight, colorful and free of welds. They are strength tested, smoothed, and made of only the strongest materials. They are made in the USA,  with strict quality controls.

  • Teething Accessories

    Teething accessories are silicone clip on teethers which can be attached to any Shoulder Straps of any Baby Carrier or even to cloths/bags. They are 100% safe to be chewed, made up of toxic-BPA free food grade silicone. Approved by Food authorities. Recommended to be used under supervision. 

  • Doll Carriers/ Toy Carriers

    These adorable Mini carriers are for the little ones when they want to play the parent role. These are mini copies of regular carriers used by toddlers or older babies to shower some love to their doll, stuffed toys or any toy. This is a good way to make children learn about cariing and responsibility. 

  • Babywearing Jackets/Coats

    Babywearing Jackets are coats and hoodies that can be worn over the baby in a carrier. Its specially designed for winter months and colder region

  • Babywearing Apparel

    This place to find all aaparels with Babywearing Theme. Like t-shirts, caps, hoodies and more. 

  • Handmade Cloth Toys

    In the world of plastic and metal toys, Cloth based handmade toys are a refreshing change. Not only they are made with love from are mom - entreprenuers but are also one of the best natural toys you can give to your little ones to play with. 

    Cloth based dolls and other accessories are soft to touch, easily washable, do not harm the baby in any way. They also resembles more to the indian culture and representations does giving kids a more real experience as agaist foreign toys. 

    They can also be easily carrierd while the baby is in the carrier, does not hurt either the baby or the wearer, also do not add any extra weight. 

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