• Boba Baby Carriers

    Boba crafts the finest and funnest babywearing products available anywhere. Boba is a leading brand in international Babywearing circuit. Their Soft structured carriers are both comfortable and affordable. They also have wide range of wraps and other babywearing accessories like diaper bag and carriers stuff sacks. 

  • Fidella

    Babywearing Stuff is now authorised retailers of Fidella Carriers in India. Fidella is highly sought after german brand popular for high quality Baby Carriers. Their range of carrier includes - Ring Slings, Fly Tais (Mei Tais), Onbu Back Carriers, Soft Structured carriers and Wraps. 

  • LennyLamb

    LennyLamb Company is a Poland based family business and initiative of people that are fascinated by the phenomenon of babywearing. LennyLamb is a producer of baby slings, best baby slings, slings for babies, elastic slings, elastic wraps, slings for baby, baby carrier slings, meitai baby slings, stretchy wraps, babywearing jackets, baby carrying slings, woven wraps, baby slings and wraps, meitai carriers, woven slings, stretchy slings, baby carrying wraps, newborn baby slings,

    Their Wrap comverted Full Buckled Ergonomic Carriers are sought after by many Babywearing Enthusiassts.

  • Rose and Rebellion Baby Carriers

    Babywearing Stuff is Authorized Distributor of Rose and Rebellion, The Great British Baby and Toddler Carriers, designed and made by hand in the U.K.

    From the RNR Official website,

    We truly believe that the quality of our products is unrivalled, and take great pride in every Carrier that leaves our HQ.  Through every stage of production from the initial cutting of the cloth to the final closing of a seam, your Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier will have been checked and rechecked to ensure that when it arrives to you it is of the very highest quality.  Our mission is to bring you products that are not only simply beautiful, but also beautifully simple to use.  Carry your little one through life where the buggy wheels will roll no more, in the style and comfort you deserve.  Pretty or Punk  Rose or Rebel  Which ever you are, we know you’ll love your new Rose and Rebellion Baby Carrier just as much as we have loved making it for you. Happy Babywearing.

  • Ergonomic Carriers at Amazon

    A lot of parents buy baby carriers from Amazon without much knowledge about ergonomics or safety. In this category we have listed out few popular, safe and ergonomic carriers on Amazon. 


    As an award-winning industry leader, Tula is proud to offer the most beautiful,easy-to use, versatile, and long-lastingcarriers which provide a comfortable, ergonomic method ofsupporting the bond between caregiver and child from birth through 4 years old and beyond.  Tulas are available in a variety of prints, making them both useful and stylish! Tula is proud to meet and exceed safety standards and norms, and is a business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA).  

  • Diva Milano

    DIVA Milano is a comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier, for newborns to toddlers.   DIVA Sling gives you mobility and freedom, for an active life after the birth of your baby.

     DIVA Milano Sling is designed and produced in Italy, a heart of the world fashion industry. High-quality cotton, optimum thickness and thread count, patterns and colors developed by professional designers in Milan - these features make Diva both a comfortable baby carrier and a fashion accessory to look fabulous every day. 

    The DIVA Woven Wraparound Key Features

    • A unique, diagonal-weave fabric of optimum thickness and thread count, specially designed for carrying children. 
    • European design and production – all models and colors are developed by professional designers in Milan: the factory that produces the DIVA Sling has a 30-year history of making domestic fabrics for many world-famous fashion houses. 
    • Made from high-quality cotton and other natural materials, fully compliant with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 quality testing.  Only Egyptian cotton is used in production of Diva Milano wraps. This is the finest and most expensive type of cotton with extra-long staples, usually produced by luxury brands' bed linen and clothes, often mixed with silk. This cotton plant produces long, thin fibers that won't pill. Threads are light but strong, silky and soft. With proper care, baby wraps from Egyptian cotton will last several decades, which justifies a higher price tag.
    • Extensive choice of colours, designs and fabrics
    • Softness straight from the box – gentle enough to cushion a newborn, but made from a specially designed embossed fabric to ensure full support for heavier children. 
    • Perfect ‘breathability’ for full comfort right through summer. 

    Surface density of Diva Milano fabric varies around 200-220 g/m2, depending on the collection and blend. Please note that due to lighter weight of Egyptian cotton Diva Milano provides better support vs. similar density fabric with normal cotton.

    Diva Essenza is a new medium-priced line of wraps designed in Italy and produced in India.

    Diva Essenza is baby wraps, ring slings and mei tais with:

    • winning designs developed in Italy;
    • permanent stock of regular models and wide choice of colors;
    • sustainable quality from a carefully selected ISO-certified manufacturer;
    • affordable price.

    The product  is of great quality, produced from a high quality Indian cotton, colored with AZO free dyes, at the ISO-certified factory which has a 30 years old history (just like our factory in Italy).

    The fabric is 100% cotton of medium-thickness, with special mechanical pre-treatment to make it soft right out of the box, suitable for both newborns and toddlers. This is the right product for those who seek for "one wrap for all the babywearing period", for affordable price.

    Diva Essenza is also offering a range of ring slings and mei tais from its fabric.

  • Girasol

    Girasol Wraps are one of the oldest and much loved by the Babywearing community. 

  • Daiseu Wraps

    Daiesu is a project which idea came rather unplanned! We have been wearing our Daie since he was 1 month (it would have been from Day 1 if he wasn’t born prem and spent his first 27 days in NICU) and we started with stretchy Moby wrap. Stretchy wraps were great and ours was the only means to keep him calm and close to our body, and thanks to this magical sleeping gadget, Daie sleeps faster and better when being worn. Once he grew  and became heavier stretchy wrap started sagging and I could feel the weight when wearing him. That was when I started exploring choices of woven wraps and got hooked since :D

    To celebrate our Daie’s first birthday in April 2014, we had been planning for this project – yes, to have our own brand in this awesome piece of longie cloth that have been connecting parents and baby much closer than you can imagine :) Our wraps are designed by us in Malaysia and are woven in India, sourcing only quality organic cotton (GOTS certified) and materials safe for baby. We hope to contribute in spreading the love and all the goodness of babywearing. Our dream is to normalize babywearing among Malaysians, to see parents wearing their baby – be it in wraps or other safe carriers – to be common sights wherever we go.

  • Little Frog

    Little Frog Woven Wraps

  • R for Rabbit

    Parenting is a full time job. Babies require constant attention, care and need to be carried everywhere. In this fast paced world, carrying your baby everyplace can be cumbersome, especially when you are a working parent. Also that babies need to be carried very carefully so as to offer adequate support to their head and neck. Using a baby carrier is a good way to carry baby along while working. A baby carrier helps carry baby easily and comfortably, providing good support to babies as well as parents. Using a baby carrier keeps both your hands free for you to work along with carrying your baby along. Baby carriers are now available online in India.  

    R for Rabbit’s Cuddle Snuggle ensures comfort to you and your baby. Having a baby carrier makes life a lot more comfortable. Be it cooking, travelling, shopping or working, with a baby carrier on, both your hands are free and your baby is safely tucked onto you. Cotton and Mesh Fabric gives you and your little one ultimate comfortable experience.

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