• Ring Slings

    Ring slings are one shoulder carriers – a piece of cloth threaded through rings; they are used primarily for hip or tummy to tummy front carries. Ring slings are a good choice for someone looking for a quick and compact carrier.

  • Mei Tais

    Mei Tais are soft bodied carries basically a rectangular cloth with waist and shoulder straps. They are two shoulder carrier. They can be used for both front and back carries. Mei Tais are a good choice for someone who likes the adjustability of a wrap, but wants something slightly faster to get on. They are highly sturdy and comfortable for both the baby and the wearer.

  • Wraps

    Wraps are pieces of cloth in varying lengths; imagine an Indian saree for simplicity. They can be used for front, back, and hip carries.  Wraps are the simplest carrier in terms of structure, but may take a bit longer to learn to use.  Wraps are a good choice for someone who wants to do many different carries with the same carrier.

  • Buckled Carriers/ SSC

    SSCs are soft bodied carriers that have mostly buckled waist and shoulder straps, they are primarily used for front and back carries. SSCs are a good choice for someone who wants a quick carrier that doesn’t require long fabric or straps to deal with.

  • Strechy Wraps

    Stretchy: As the name implies, these wraps have good amount of stretch in them. They are mostly made up of cotton jersey knit or stretchy cotton blend. These are best used for new-borns. They are easy to pop in and out the baby. Can be pre – tied to wear for longer periods and are most suited for front carrier. Back carries are not recommended for stretchy wraps. Anmol Wraps is the first Indian Brand making stretchy wraps which are quite popular among the Babywearing moms.

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